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Creative Audio Works is built on decades of audio experience. We offer professional and affordable digital audio archiving, audio restoration, analog transfer, mastering, and mix-to-pix services

Analog Audio Is Permanent. At least, This Has Been The Popular belief. In fact, This Did Not Turnout To Be True.

While this was the popular belief, it did not turn out to be true. Over the last century, there have been numerous forms of audio storage: 78 rpm disk, wire reel recording, 33.3 vinyl, reel-to-reel, and cassette, to name a few. These formats have captured many moments in our history as individuals and collective culture.

Now, we have the technology to restore old or damaged recordings by removing unwanted artifacts (noise, clicks, hiss, etc.); with state-of-the-art software and hardware, we can transfer media from obsolete formats to modern ones, such as CD, DVD-A, and hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

My organization has an archive of old audio recordings that have fallen out of use. Can you update our audio library for modern playback?

Creative Audio Works has restored and archived historical recordings for museums, libraries, corporations, and educational institutions with cutting-edge digital equipment and software. Updating audio formats allows the newest generation of researchers and archivists to continue elevating voices in the past.

For large orders, per-piece pricing is available. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

I have a box of old recordings stored in my attic; nobody’s touched them in years. How can I figure out what’s stored on them?

We can help you create a treasured piece of your family history for generations to come. Share memories, stories, laughter, and tears as you hear the history and voices of long-departed. loved ones once again

To find out more about our audio transfer and restoration, go to our Contact page and fill out our form.  Or email directly to [email protected]

VU Meter Croped

I’ve just finished recording an album. What’s the benefit of mastering my music?

Mastering is one of the most overlooked parts of music production. It is a process that relies on a combination of real-world experience and musical expertise to carefully fine-tune your track before release. An experienced mastering engineer adds clarity, volume, and depth through technical adjustment. This unbiased pair of “fresh ears” is key to a professional sound. 

When we master, we treat every track individually and use our extensive experience to make appropriate decisions for the best sound possible. We provide an expert ear at an affordable price.

To find out more about our mastering services, go to our On-Line Mastering page.

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