About Stewart Adam

Stewart Adam

Welcome to the Creative Audio Works website.  I’m Stewart Adam, president and owner of Creative Audio Works LLC. If you’re not familiar with Creative Audio Works, we specialize in the transfer of analog audio, recorded on cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes and other assorted audio media in the past 80 years.

I hope you enjoy visiting our website. You might also like to visit the Creative Audio Works Blog which gives me an opportunity to share some stories with you about audio restoration, the history of audio recording and just plain trivia about audio and music history.

I have been in the sound business for over thirty years having spent most of my professional life recording dialogue for commercials, documentaries and small films, so the jump to starting Creative Audio Works, seemed like a natural progression to me. I got my start in the music industry, working for recording studios and traveling the country in a remote truck recording concerts albums for B.B. King, Joan Armatrading, The Hank Jones Trio and Sha Na Na. Many live concerts for The King Biscuit Flower Hour including Roxy Music, Steve Forbet, Canned Heat, McGuinn Clark and Hillman and Aerosmith. More recently I worked on the Oscar nominated documentary “On Tip Toe” a film about Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the African singers that backed up Paul Simon on his Graceland album. However the majority of my career does not just span the music industry.

Working in film and video can be very interesting. In fact, my career has given me the opportunity to work on commercials for big named companies such as McDonalds and Ocean Spray, documentaries like “Road to Reconciliation” about the struggles in Northern Ireland, Traces of the Trade and “The War” by Ken Burns, political ads and corporate films and videos.


I started Creative Audio Works after seeing there was a need to preserve recordings from the past. I’ve worked on so many different projects that I’m very proud of, but bringing back the past for people is far more rewarding than I ever thought it would be.

I find that most of the people who contact Creative Audio Works are from the Baby Boomer generation. This is the generation in which so many advances in technology were made affordable to the masses. Electronics of all kinds, which we take for granted today, were being snatched up by baby boomers — the first generation that could carry a radio with them, take movie pictures or record and listen to their own voices on tape recorders. For the first time, this allowed families to record special occasions, like birthdays, recitals and other memorable occasions to save for the future — like an old picture.

Much of what was recorded was lost, or packed away at the bottom of a carton in someone’s attic or basement. And when found, most of the devices they used to play back these recordings were no longer in use. In fact, most of the machines that were used to record and play back these tapes are now considered “vintage.”

I love doing this. I thought it would be interesting when I started, but I didn’t realized how much this would mean to each of my customers. Bringing back memories with voice can be very powerful – pictures are worth a thousand words but words can also be worth a thousand pictures.

Feel free to use our Contact page and fill out our form,  or simply email me at [email protected] creativeaudioworks.com.