Audio Restoration Services

Audio restoration is the process of transfering removing or correcting imperfections (hissing, crackling, buzzing, etc.) from sound recordings. Over time, analog audio mediums degrade and warp, causing small defects to the tapes, too. Audio restoration includes everything from physically cleaning the audio medium to digital intervention.

The Processs

At Creative Audio Works, we are experts in archival and restoration services, including the transfer, restoration, and migration of analog audio to digital formats. We have a wide range of vintage and modern machines for the transfer of records (16, 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm), Audograph discs, micro-cassette, cassette, DAT, mono, 2-track, 4-track 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape formats.

Whether you have one family recording that you’d like to hear on CD or a library of recordings that need restoring, your audio will be treated with the same one-on-one approach. Every audio artifact is unique and deserves the respect and attention of a skilled audio archival engineer.

Samples of transferred and restored recordings

Radio disc jockey Jim Young interviews The Everly Brothers recorded circa 1957-1958 on WKRG Cedar Rapids Iowa

Army Ground Force Radio broadcast from 1955.

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