Audio Archiving and Mastering Studio

Audio archiving and mastering studio

Creative Audio Works audio archiving and mastering studio has been providing services since 2006 for projects of all levels. We have had the privilege of working on some amazing projects over the years. Our chief mastering engineer Stewart Adam maintains the highest professional standards at Creative Audio Works.

Our studio, located in the Plymouth Massachusetts, is designed specifically for transfer, restoration and mixing, with regards for flexibility and comfort. It was designed by award winning designer Lou Clark of Sonic-Space.  Mix Magazine named Creative Audio Works new studio to “The Class of 2012: The Years finest Facilities”.

To find out more about our studio, online audio mastering, transfer and restoration services,  go to our Contact page and fill out the form.  Or email Creative Audio Works for more information.

Formats We Accept

½ inch 8 track reel-to-reel with DBX

4 track reel to reel ¼” tape

¼ track stereo, reel to reel ¼” tape

Cassette, Micro Cassette

4 track Cassette

8 track cassette

Gray Audograph (CLV)

Records (16, 33.3, 45, 78 rpm)

Alesis M20 8 track digital

DA-88 (Tascam)


Steinberg Wavelab 9

Steinberg Cubase 8.5

iZotope RX Advanced

Numerous plug-ins for restoration


3 Intel Mac Computers

MOTU 16A Converters with Black Lion modifications

Eve-Audio SC208 Monitors

Polk Audio LSiM707 monitors

Genelec 8030 Monitors

1 Tascam 1/2″ 38-8 8 track

3 Otari MTR 10

1 Otari MTR 12

2 Studer A710 cassette deck

6 Marantz PMD 502 Cassette decks

2 Fostex D25 DAT decks

DBX Type I and II

Dolby Noise Reduction, A and SR formats

Dolby 422 Noise Reduction, B, C and S formats

Rek-O-Kut Legacy Turntable

Vadlyd MD12MK4 78 and RIAA Phono Preamp

Sony PCM-800 (8 track)