Audio For Moving Media (Mix-to-Pix)

At Creative Audio Works, we strive to bring your creative vision to life through thoughtful sound design and direction with our mix-to-pix services. Stewart Adam, lead Audio Engineer, has 35 years of experience in location-based audio recording and production. His relaxed nature and passion for his work make him an ideal collaborator; Stewart expertly blends the art of sound and the sound of the art to elevate your project.

On Tiptoe: Gentle Steps to Freedom, 2000 Academy Nominee for best short documentary, production sound (location sound) services provided.

Archie: An American Journey Trailer from Columbia Arts Channel on Vimeo. Post production sound services.

Change in the Family  2018 from Sam Hampton on Vimeo. Post-production sound services.  

Directed by Sam Hampton, Transcending Surgeon tells the story of Dr. Cornwell’s family upbringing, mentors, education, and other guiding forces which led to his successful career. The film explores this both in the context of African American pioneers in medicine and the fact that many of his patients represent the realities of another side of urban African American life – coming from communities beset by poverty, inadequate education, and violence.

What We do

Certain combinations of sound and visuals can evoke what neither can do alone. Sound design and editing are all about searching for that perfect set of sounds to complement your vision. Creative audio design will give your project the emotion that it deserves. Creative Audio Works provides sound editing and mixing services catered to the independent filmmaker. We manage all audio-related aspects of your project, from dialogue editing to Foley to the final mix.

The Process Goes Like This

First, we’ll watch the film together (spotting session) to establish an aural aesthetic and identify sound cues that will add to the story. The mixing process then combines all audio elements of a project – dialogue, sound effects, Foley, and music – to create a soundscape that matches the desired visual aesthetic. This kind of careful construction of sounds can make any budget project like a big-budget film.

Creative Audio Works offers a state-of-the-art mixing studio nominated by Mix Magazine for Best New Studio of 2012. meticulously designed by Sonic-Space. With the latest Cubase DAW system, iZotope RX editing software, and a large assortment of sound processors, we have the tools necessary for high-quality dialogue editing, sound design, and mixing services. Our edit system is well equipped to handle just about any editorial task required.

To find out more about our audio for moving media (Mix-to-Pix), email us for more information.