Transfer and Restoration Pricing

Creative Audio Works takes a disciplined approach to restoration services, tailored to each recording. Archival transfer and restoration are performed on an hourly basis at $75 per hour for the first hour and billed in ¼-hour increments after that. We do not charge a per piece rate for restoration. Please note, prices for restoration services are best quoted after the initial transfer of recorded material.

For large orders, per-piece pricing is available. Please contact Creative Audio Works for more information.

Additional Charges

Cassette repair or repackaging is billed at $75 per hour in ¼-hour increments (minimum order pricing applies). CDs and DVDs are available at an extra cost of $15 each.

Tape Baking for Sticky Tape Syndrome

Tape baking is a process occasionally required to restore analog tape to playable condition. In most cases, the need for this service is not discoverable until work has begun on your project. If this occurs, Creative Audio Works will contact you for approval before continuing. If approved, the following charges will apply:

5″ Reels, $ 10.00 ea 7″ Reels, $ 15.00 ea 10″ Reels, $ 20.00 ea



Give us a call to discuss your audio needs. Typically, we can provide a reasonable faith estimate over the phone. We ask that you send your audio recordings to Creative Audio Works for evaluation for a more accurate estimate.

Guarantee and return policy

We will take every measure to ensure the transfer and safety of your recording. Creative Audio Works is not responsible for the pre-existing condition of your recording(s) due to age or deterioration. We will make every attempt within our resources to restore your recordings to a listenable and enjoyable state. There is no guarantee that all material submitted can be repaired or restored; however, all restored materials (CDs/DVD-As) are guaranteed for six months. Please contact us within 30 days if there are any problems with your CDs or DVD-As. Creative Audio Works does not take responsibility for ownership of any copyrights associated with recordings submitted for transfer.


Payments may be made by check or money order from a United States bank. We can also invoice via credit card directly using

If you have any questions about our audio restoration and archival services rates, go to our Contact page and fill out our form.  Or email [email protected]