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Eight Track Museum opens in Dallas to display 1960s music cartridge relics

With compact discs going the way of cassettes, it’s unlikely that anyone under the age of, say, 40 even knows what an eight-track tape is. But those who remember–or are just plain curious–will have a place to gather on Valentine’s more »

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History is added to Creative Audio Works

Creative Audio Works recently acquired 2 channels of Ampex 350 electronics for use in our new mix/mastering suite, which is expected to come online in March.  The Ampex 350 electronics came with the original estimate addressed to Milton Yakus of more »

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20,000 Watts, 1976 style

Every audiophile including myself has sometimes fantasized about the components he’d or she would get if unlimited funds where available, the most knowledgeable design engineers to serve him, and a couple of highly qualified technicians for construction and installation. But more »

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